Information for Patients

We have created a number of Patient Information Leaflets to help explain the pressures currently facing General Practice. We would be grateful if you could take the time to read them.

Getting the best from your GP surgery

Attending your GP surgery can be confusing at times. To help, here is a simple leaflet created by one of our members.

To help explain the background to the recent industrial action, please share this Junior Doctors Strike leaflet. For further information and there is an excellent video here. Also a number of celebrities have voiced support for the Junior Doctors. GP Survival have also produced a Viral Video:

GP crisis

Junior Contract Information

We hope you feel as strongly about the need to safeguard General Practice as we do. There are a number of ways patients can help:

  1. Ask if your surgery has a Patient Participation Group, and join them
  2. Keep up to date with developments by following GP Survival
  3. Share our Patient Information Leaflets
  4. Contact your MP and let them know how much you appreciate your surgery