GP Survival is striving to be the voice of UK General Practice.


General Practice is threatened.

Government policy is putting patients in harms way due to chronic underinvestment, a recruitment crisis and ill-conceived regulation in the context of covert privatisation. GP Survival aims to support and represent grassroots GPs working in NHS primary care. Created from the desire to engage with medical politics through social media we now have over 5000 members, our numbers growing daily. We are different from the RCGP and BMA GPC for the following reasons:


We provide collated, rapid responses from grassroots GPs on topical issues affecting general practice and our patients.
We seek to avoid conflict of interest and are not affiliated to any political party though we will engage with any group prepared to listen and discuss General Practice.
We will consistently promote General Practice and challenge both media and politicians when they deride GPs, whilst supporting our members working on the frontline.

If you are interested, please engage with us. For further information follow our Facebook page GPStateOfEmergency.