GP Survival Scotland

GP survival Scotland is a sister site on Facebook. It was set up as a group to provide a forum for discussion of Scottish specific issues outside of the main GP survival group. Although numbers are relatively small at present, they are steadily increasing. I hope to increase co-operation with our fellow devolved site, GP Survival Wales in the coming few months as we face many of the same issues. The Scottish “voice” is very much still part of the main group and not a seperate entity. I take a full part in all GP Survival committee meetings and also in discussions outside these meetings regarding policy, campaigns and other matters affecting general practice.

Our profile is slowly increasing in Scotland and will continue to do so. We have featured in articles in print media including the Herald and the Times, local radio stations and in an interview on BBC Scotland news. Indeed, in a recent article in the herald, the journalist actually approached us first (before BMA and RCGP). I continue to liaise with media contacts to raise our profile and get our message across. I have also been in communication with both the health and shadow health spokespersons in the Scottish parliament and will continue to try to ensure that the views of grassroots Scottish GPs are heard.

Andy Macintosh