Our Aims

Short Term:


  • To establish a grassroots movement of GPs which will fight for the survival of General Practice in the UK
  • To work towards a full membership group with elected representatives

Medium Term:


  • To draw attention to the current crisis in General Practice in the UK
  • To identify the causes of this crisis and campaign for realistic solutions
  • To address the 5 main areas affecting the survival of General Practice by campaigning for:
  1. Sustainable Workload e.g stopping additional work being given to GPs without negotiation, addressing red-tape and constant restructuring.
  2. Fairer funding e.g. payment for work done, addressing Medical Defence Organisation fees, fairness of GMC regulation.
  3. Promotion of appropriate usage of General Practice e.g. promoting self care, use of OTC medications.
  4. Promotion of General Practice itself e.g. appropriate media representation, engaging young doctors.
  5. Supporting a skilled GP workforce e.g. improving work life balance for retention, peer support.