Amended 7th November to update the total number of GPs registered with the GMC (with thanks to the National Association of Sessional GPs for pointing out that I’d taken FTE numbers rather than actual people), and to update the length of time it will take NHSE on current form to address the problems they’ve created.

To: Jill Matthews, NHSE managing director
cc: Caroline Greenwood, head of PCS pensions
Nikita Kanani, interim director of primary care

11th October 2018

Dear Jill,

I am writing regarding the ongoing GP Survival campaign relating to Capita’s mishandling of pensions contributions, in light of the recent communication from NHS England1.


As you know, about 400 individual GPs have now submitted subject access requests to NHS England, dating back more than a year, in an attempt to confirm Capita have accurately recorded their pensions payments. More than 60 of those doctors have written to NHSE and to the Information Commissioner’s Office giving me permission to discuss their cases collectively, in an effort to minimise the administrative burden on you and on the ICO, and to offer our support in the development of satisfactory solutions to the problems which the campaign has uncovered. This letter is co-signed by many of them.

We spoke in January of this year, when I highlighted to you the emerging concerns that data was incomplete and inaccurate in the majority of cases. Despite this, and despite numerous individual doctors contacting NHSE to flag up errors in the data they eventually received, neither they nor I have had any meaningful contact from NHSE seeking to resolve the errors in the pensions data you hold.

Given that this campaign has now been running for more than a year, it was surprising to see in NHSE’s communication the claim that it was your own “quality assurance” which uncovered the pension errors. Even if you have run a piece of work internally, it is disappointing no acknowledgement was made by NHSE of the efforts of 400 doctors in:

  • submitting SARs to NHSE

  • checking in some cases 40 years of their own pension records against the data NHSE have sent out

  • flagging up the multiple errors and omissions to NHSE

At best it’s insulting, and at worst it’s an attempt to pass credit for their work on to your own “quality assurance”.

Main failings of Capita’s handling of pension contributions

GP Survival and the doctors who’ve submitted SARs have reviewed the data you have sent out, and have identified five key areas which NHSE and Capita need to address:

(1) Pensions data is incomplete and frequently inaccurate. Some individuals are missing decades of pensions data, and/or contributions from entire roles. Where data are available they frequently do not tally with members’ records of contributions taken from their payslips. NHS England’s response to date where members have pointed out these errors has been to ask individuals for payslips covering periods which – as above – can cover decades and multiple different roles. This is unfair on individuals affected by the failure of the systems for which you are responsible, and – crucially – it does not address the system failures underlying the problem.

(2) this is an ongoing problem, not just a historical one. Caroline Greenwood’s recent briefing to medical directors (which I attach) attempts to blame the current situation on “inconsistent historic management in PCS sites and failure of some GPs to follow the correct process for submitting information.”

Until recently, no GP in the country had had their pension record updated since March 2015, and the BMA have had to submit a Freedom of Information request to you to try to establish how much money is held by Capita in an “unallocated” account2. It is evident that Capita, under a contract NHS England negotiated and signed with them, have been taking people’s money without any mechanism for crediting those contributions to individuals accounts. This is not a historical records-keeping glitch – this is Capita failing to do the job they were paid to for more than three years, and although the briefing mentions “issues with service delivery since commencement of the PCSE contract”, no explanation is given for these.

The claim that GPs have not followed “the correct process” is a transparent attempt to blame the individuals affected by the situation NHSE and Capita have created for your own failings, and we call on Caroline Greenwood to apologise for it.

(3) pensions data is not held in systems linked properly to individuals. The clearest evidence for this comes from the fact that the first wave of SARs took about 200 days to respond to. Although the response time has improved slightly since, I am not aware of any which have met the target set down by the ICO of 40 days. More pertinently, the screenshots sent out have, in at least two cases, included other people’s pensions data. That NHSE can breach data protection laws even in response to a formal request under the DPA is frankly astonishing.

Where NHS England are unable to find and provide accurate data, when asked to do so under a formal legal process, and where you have taken more than six months trying to, the only conclusion which can be drawn is that you don’t hold the data you should, and are having to respond to the SARs by cobbling together data held piecemeal. This reflects a systemic failure to update individuals’ pensions records accurately, or to hold the underlying data properly.

(4) Capita’s complaints procedure is not fit for purpose. Everyone I have spoken to or corresponded with who has raised a case with Capita about their pensions data has received notification they have opened a case, and then – without any action or further contact – notification that the case has been closed as “resolved”. This a systemic failure to engage meaningfully with individual doctors who have legitimate concerns about their pensions data.

(5) There are some 51,767 GPs practicing in the country at the moment, and based on the current response time to SARs, it will take NHSE approximately 790 years to fix this problem. As you know, this campaign has been running for more than a year now, and neither nor any of the other groups and individuals involved have seen any evidence of a workable plan to address these failures.

As such, I would be grateful if these points could be raised under whatever your formal complaints procedure is, and under Capita’s formal complaints procedure, prior to these matters being raised with the Pensions Ombudsman.

Next steps

As you will be aware, members who can’t access accurate pension records are financially disadvantaged because they cannot plan for their financial futures, and it is to your and NHSE’s credit that the briefing document identifies that these system failures have the “potential to have a significant impact upon a large proportion of the GP community, as well as generating high levels of media interest and a significant financial impact”.

I note that, as of August 2018, PWC have been appointed to work with Capita to address the system failings which have created this situation. While this is a welcome start in addressing the failings of Capita and – presumably – of the contract which NHSE signed with them, action is needed now to support individual members who have seen money they have paid into their pension vanish. As such, we call on NHS England to:

(1) provide an immediate timescale to members within which they will get updated pensions information from NHSE/Capita. It is again to your credit that you are prioritising doctors nearing retirement, and we would support a tiered approach, for instance seeing doctors within five years of retirement getting updates by the end of 2018, with doctors further from retirement waiting longer for information. GP Survival are happy to support you in developing these timescales, and the General Practitioners’ Committee, who I’m aware have also been discussing these issues with you, should also be involved.

(2) Prioritise the provision of accurate pensions data to anyone who contacts NHSE to state they are considering opting-out of the NHS pension scheme, given the recent revelation that a quarter of a million NHS workers have opted out over the last three years3.

(3) where individual members identify inaccuracies or omissions in the data they receive, NHSE commit to providing, and paying for, support from an accountant or pensions specialist to resolve these. This administrative burden cannot and must not be passed back to clinicians who are financially disadvantaged because of system failings for which NHSE are responsible.

(4) Similarly, where paperwork has been submitted to Capita by individual doctors and lost or not processed by them, individual doctors must not be asked to provide replacement copies of documents. This places an enormous administrative burden on individuals, and disproportionately disadvantages those with portfolio careers, locums, or who work in multiple roles. In many cases, where data is missing from decades ago, individual GP surgeries or organisations may have ceased to exist, making it impossible to get replacement locum A forms signed at all. As such, NHS England can either pay individuals’ claims in good faith, or source replacement paperwork at NHSE’s expense.

(5) NHS England should commit to notifying individuals within 7 days of their records being reviewed, provide details of errors and omissions identified, and provide a timescale for the resolution of any inaccuracies identified.

(6) Finally, a proper communications strategy is needed to ensure documents like those sent out recently actually reach locum doctors. None of the locums I communicated with in drafting this letter had seen them, and you cannot pass that responsibility on to individual practices; as above, locum doctors are disproportionately affected by these issues, and as such are most in need of accurate information.

GP Survival’s aim throughout this process has been to highlight the scale of the problem to NHS England, and to work with you to resolve the relevant issues. We are profoundly disappointed that NHSE have failed to engage in a meaningful way either with us or with the hundreds of individual doctors who’ve submitted subject access requests, and in the underlying contractual failings between NHSE and Capita which have led to this situation. The longer this goes on without any meaningful acknowledgment from NHSE of the scale of the problem, and without any substantial action to address it, the more doctors are left unable to plan for their financial futures and the larger the pile of money Capita have taken from them without crediting to them.





1. Dr. Nicholas Grundy, joint campaign lead, GP Survival
2. Dr. Barbara Compitus, joint campaign lead, GP Survival
3. Dr. Asha Pillai
4. Dr. Samuel Ming
5. Dr. James Murphy
6. Dr. Hugh Trowell
7. Dr. Richard Johnson
8. Dr. Laura Clarke
9. Dr. Jenny Lee
10. Dr. Alex Barlow
11. Dr. Mark Thornton
12. Dr. Muhammad Rana
13. Dr. Merlin Dunlop
14. Dr. Toni Hazell
15. Dr. Sammy Radstone
16. Dr. Petra Simic
17. Dr. Charlotte Ferguson
18. Dr. Farnaaz Sharief
19. Dr. Alison Davies
20. Dr. Ella Keevash
21. Dr. Jo Kirkcaldy
22. Dr. Eoghan de Burca
23. Dr. Jenny Lund
24. Dr. David Smith
25. Dr. Shamina Tayub
26. Dr. Oriel Jones
27. Dr. Shaba Nabi
28. Dr. Nasra Asghar
29. Dr. Sabine Kersten
30. Dr. Christopher Kendall
31. Dr. Edward Rendell
32. Dr. Arpana Patel
33. Dr. Kim Thomas
34. Dr. Angela Kaushal
35. Dr. Daniel Jones
36. Dr. Manohar Budhathoki
37. Dr. Azhar Ala
38. Dr. Vicky O’Brien
39. Dr. Sally Louise Rodge
40. Dr. Caroline Delves
41. Dr. Anant Sharma
42. Dr. Julie Tranter
43. Dr. Cathy Jeffcoate
44. Dr. Edward Farrell
45. Dr. Stephanie Hardy
46. Dr. Daniel Thomas
47. Dr. Kimberley Doolan
48. Dr. Alan Woodall
49. Dr. Jan Yazici
50. Dr. Andrew Parkin
51. Dr. Priyesh Patel
52. Dr. Margarita Thomson
53. Dr. Daniel Brizell
54. Dr. Anil Sagar
55. Dr. Claire Raw
56. Dr. Sharon Hadley
57. Dr. Shameer Shah
58. Dr. Abi Gabel
59. Dr. Madhavi Joshi
60. Dr. Priya Madan
61. Dr. Sabiha Khushnud
62. Dr. Eleanor Barnard
63. Dr. Isabel Juttner
64. Dr. Dawn Aaronson
65. Dr. Laura Mawson
66. Dr. Nimisha Topiwala-Tailor
67. Dr. Will Pearson
68. Dr. Amna Chaudhry
69. Dr. Nisa Aslam
70. Dr. Sara Al-Chalabi
71. Dr. Fiona Radford
72. Dr. Dhanush Thanapalasingham
73. Dr. Hussain Gandhi
74. Dr. Harry Mantle
75. Dr. Sarah Annetts
76. Dr. Hina Siddiqi
77. Dr. Matt Mayer
78. Dr. Sandeep Patel
79. Dr. Joanna Collyer
80. Dr. Matt Prendergast
81. Dr. Georgina Smith
82. Dr. Baljinder Randhawa
83. Dr. Kyriacos Nicola
84. Dr. Danielle McSeveney
85. Dr. David Melville
86. Dr. Alexandra May
87. Dr. David Jenkins
88. Dr. Jo Williams
89. Dr. Jeremy Newman
90. Dr. Hnin Yi Win
91. Dr. Lisa Whitehead
92. Dr. Nitika Silhi
93. Dr. Angus Robin
94. Dr. Laura Power
95. Dr. Shelley Petzer
96. Dr. Paula Wright
97. Dr. Tania Feghali
98. Dr. Roger Scott
99. Dr. Tom Rustom
100. Dr. Kiran Ahmed
101. Dr. S Wahal
102. Dr. Melissa Rasouli
103. Dr. Dinesh Pall
104. Dr. Zohreen Ashraff
105. Dr. Tahmeena Ahmed
106. Dr. Aswin Thampy
107. Dr. Nadeem Ahmed
108. Dr. Emma McEvoy
109. Dr. Sophia Nazir
110. Dr. Mykhaylo Narytnyk
111. Dr. Claire De Mortimer-Griffin
112. Dr. Maria Lee
113. Dr. Samuel Parker
114. Dr. Anna Clayton
115. Dr. Lisa McCurley
116. Dr. Preeti Shukla
117. Dr. Srinath Narasimhan
118. Dr. Arnold Babumba
119. Dr. Rachel Barnes
120. Dr. Pete Deveson
121. Dr. Claire Burton
122. Dr. Nadia Vawda
123. Dr. Antonia Lile
124. Dr. Caroline Chan
125. Dr. Rochelle Rosenthal
126. Dr. Sabrina Goel
127. Dr. Clare Hunter
128. Dr. Vanita Moorthy
129. Dr. Kim Morgan
130. Dr. Hannah Weston-Simons
131. Dr. Anna Wylie
132. Dr. Amit Sharma
133. Dr. H Al-Hadithy
134. Dr. Miranda Parkinson
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137. Dr. Amisha Patel
138. Dr. Victoria Campbell
139. Dr. Laura Witham
140. Dr. Nina Ghai
141. Dr. Naomi Anderson
142. Dr. Kyla Cranmer
143. Dr. Rachel Friel
144. Dr. Tanya Mangal
145. Dr. Akansha Tyagi
146. Dr. Liz Taylor
147. Dr. Beniamin Savu
148. Dr. Keith Richardson
149. Dr. Nathan Trim
150. Dr. Michelle Kavanagh
151. Dr. Elizabeth Pryde
152. Dr. Anna Green
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181. Dr. Sarah Howard-Knight
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204. Dr. Alexandra Woodward
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244. Dr. Rikin Amin
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248. Dr. Iram Ansari
249. Dr. Jakibai Kimis
250. Dr. Imran Ansari
251. Dr. Sobana Anandarajah
252. Dr. Paddy Daly
253. Dr. Ryan Anderton
254. Dr. Akila Ramachandran
255. Dr. Anisha Sharma
256. Dr. Bhuwan Subedi
257. Dr. Yogasakaran Arjuna
258. Dr. Rebecca Bowers
259. Dr. Surangi Mendis
260. Dr. Maria Lytras
261. Dr. Vigneswary Gopal
262. Dr. Philip Posner
263. Dr. Roshni Modi
264. Dr. Sian Hartry
265. Dr. Manotheethan Jegasothy
266. Dr. Harmandeep Grewal
267. Dr. Helen Walters
268. Dr. Jaylata Shah
269. Dr. Nick Moore
270. Dr. Helen Dovedi
271. Dr. Abirame Sambasivan
272. Dr. Alison Law
273. Dr. Pauline Grant
274. Dr. Priyank Dube
275. Dr. Sumit Aggarwal
276. Dr. Anjalee Jethwa
277. Dr. Larisa Smondulak
278. Dr. Nasreen Ahmed
279. Dr. Akintayo Idowu
280. Dr. Sharezad Tang
281. Dr. Charlotte Haeney
282. Dr. Victoria Grinstead
283. Dr. Kartik Modha
284. Dr. Cristina Vitan
285. Dr. Nabila Alam
286. Dr. Anju Verma
287. Dr. Rebecca Hockenhull
288. Dr. Jeremy Dobbs
289. Dr. Afsana Safa
290. Dr. Kavita Sandhu
291. Dr. Amy Banks
292. Dr. Jay Bowden
293. Dr. Mridula Nayak
294. Dr. Helen Drew
295. Dr. Peter Alderman
296. Dr. Emily Attree
297. Dr. Tom Huitson
298. Dr. Dean Yang
299. Dr. Bhavini Lad
300. Dr. Neeraj Gujral
301. Dr. Cordula Grzonka
302. Dr. Sarah Dickinson
303. Dr. Eugenia Lee
304. Dr. Kathryn Hogg
305. Dr. Neetul Shah
306. Dr. Veronique Peacock
307. Dr. Eva Morant
308. Dr. Rebecca Moore
309. Dr. Sarah Goulding
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312. Dr. Natasha Behl Gupta
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363. Dr. Daphne Hazell
364. Dr. Fiza Salam
365. Dr. Neil Kiteley
366. Dr. Mervin Wong
367. Dr. Rashmi Singh
368. Dr. Laura Fleming
369. Dr. Laura Wilson
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380. Dr. Jody Brown
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413. Dr. Subhro Mukherjee
414. Dr. Suneel Saini
415. Dr. Naomi Rosenbaum
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417. Dr. Aitor Santiago-Martin
418. Dr. John G Hughes
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420. Dr. Christopher Budge
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