Resources for Clinicians

We all know that the workload in general practice is unmanageable.

We have collated a number of excellent resources on this page.

If you as a practice are struggling, see your LMC website for local resources, and seek their advice and assistance.

Workload Management

The BMA have created some very useful template letters to address inappropriate requests to primary care. Sometimes we have to say no to safeguard core services. We would recommend you reviewing the document, and using the letter templates.

‘Get a Note From Your Doctor’

As well as addressing the frustrating issue of the ‘ get a note from your doctor’ (GANFYD) culture, which creates unnecessary work for clinicians,, has a wealth of clinical and non-clinical information for jobbing GPs and trainees.

LMC Resources

As well as your local LMC website. The Londonwide LMCs website has an excellent resource section including posters and letter templates.