Who are we?

The GP Survival Steering Committee:

Chair – Matt Mayer

“I am a sessional GP in Buckinghamshire. I work salaried and also for the local Out of Hours service. I joined GP Survival because I believe the future of our profession is seriously threatened. A recruitment and retention crisis combined with spiralling professional fees, huge cuts in funding and ridiculous workload has created a perfect storm which has brought our profession to the brink of collapse. I believe strongly that engagement with grassroots GPs is the only way this crisis can be turned around.”

Vice-chair – Thomas Jones

Tom trained in Manchester (qual 1992) and is a GP Partner and trainer in Stalybridge, East Manchester. He has worked within the CCG and has been active within GPS since its inception. He has two children, and plays in a band (insert favourite ‘tom jones’ joke)..

Secretary- Raquel Delgado

Treasurer – Hussain Gandhi

Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drgandalf52) is a husband, father, son and brother as well as a GP and GP trainer working in the inner city area of Nottingham . A former Yorkshire trainee, he is the current Chair of RCGP Vale of Trent faculty after being a former Treasurer, First5 and AiT lead. He is the only Timelord Istari in existence, a co-author of The New GPs Handbook, part-time blogger and owner of PhotoConsent and egplearning – an e-learning portal. Dr Gandhi has always believed in standing up for our speciality and is keen to support GP Survival to be a part of supporting all GPs in the UK.

England Rep – Preeta Shukla

Hello, I am a part time sessional GP in Blackburn and mom to a gorgeous son . I am a LMC representative in Lancashire and Cumbria LMC and occasionally write to highlight the issue of indemnity crisis. I joined GP survival as I believe in standing up for the profession .I want to make General Practice an attractive proposition again .

Scotland Reps – Andy McIntosh & Allison Thomas

Wales Rep – Sophie Quinney

Hello I’m Sophie and I’m a GP in South Wales. I joined GPSurvival because I’m pro-active so felt this would be the best chance I had of collaborating with like-minded people. I volunteered to be the Wales rep because I believe that here we have the opportunity to walk a different path; one that will take a grassroots movement to forge and absolute cohesion to protect.

Northern Ireland Rep – James McGlew

Political Rep – Rebecca Ellen Jones

Newly Qualified & Trainee Rep – Heather Ryan

IT Lead – Ed Pooley

Media Lead – Mark Hamilton

Strategy Lead – Jeremy Newman


And last but not least

Founder – Alan Woodall

It was Alan’s idea to harness the power of social media to start a grassroots movement speaking on behalf go frontline GPs. The group has gone from strength to strength.