Social Media Policy

Our Facebook group is a closed group, we are also on Twitter. As with all social media sites these sites should NOT be considered secure. We would ask all people using GP Survival social media familiarise themselves with the GMC guidance.

We expect our members to treat other people as they would wish to be treated. The committee cannot police all social media posts. If the committee believe a post to be offensive it will be removed. We feel it is important to respect other people’s views even if you disagree with them. Members are not permitted to share posts (including photos/screenshots) outside of the Facebook group without permission from the original poster*.

GP survival is for the discussion of General Practice and the issues it faces. We ask that members do not post any adverts or clinical problems.

In summary, we ask our members not to engage in insulting or abusive behaviour on-line. Please be aware the Moderators cannot be legally held accountable for other people’s posts/ comments.By law, your posts are your own responsibility and liability.


*The committee reserve the right to take and discuss screenshots of removed posts within their own Facebook group as a learning tool. These will not be shared outside of this group.